Photograph of Zuri Moreno


Policy Associate



Zuri began working with ACLU of Montana in November of 2017. Zuri’s career has primarily focused on empowering volunteers of all ages and diverse backgrounds to engage in community service and public lands stewardship. Zuri’s passion for public education and community empowerment began after graduating from Cornell University, where their studies included Neuroscience and Behavior, Conservation Management and Environmental Policy. Zuri recognized the need for community engagement to develop effective policy change and has had the opportunity to work for various environmental nonprofits throughout the US, each of which focused on environmental education and advocacy, community-based conservation, and sustainable trails development. Although their focus started with the environment, challenges in racial equity, gender equality and how socioeconomic disparities affect available opportunities continuously arose. Zuri is excited to focus their time at ACLU on expanding volunteer outreach and engagement and supporting public education and policy work. 

When not mobilizing community members for projects or events, Zuri spends time exploring Montana outdoors where they enjoy finding places to set up a hammock to read and take a nap in the sun.