2020 Election: FAQs on the Primary

How is the primary different this year?

Due to COVID-19, all 56 counties in Montana are conducting an all-mail election. On May 8th, Election Administrators sent ballots to every Montanan with an active voter registration. 

I haven’t received my ballot. What should I do?

If you did not receive a ballot, check the My Voter Page to ensure your registration is current and your address is up to date. You can also use this link to track your ballot. If you have any questions, contact your county elections office.

How do I know if I’m registered?

Check your voter registration status on the My Voter Page

How can I register to vote?

Fill out the Montana voter registration form here. After you print the form, sign and date it and send it to your county elections office. If you mail your form, it must be received by your county’s elections office by 5 p.m. on May 26th. 

Beginning May 27th, you must register in person at your county elections office or designated late registration location. You can register up until Election Day. If you are in line by 8 p.m. on Election Day, you have the right to register and vote. Click here for a county-by-county list of locations. 

Can I still vote in person?

Yes. To protect public health, we encourage anyone who is able to vote by mail. However, we understand this is not the best option for some Montanans. Contact your county elections office to learn more about the available services and locations. 

What if I need a replacement ballot?

If you did not receive your ballot, or if you need a replacement, you will need to submit a Ballot Replacement Request Form. Call your county elections office for more information on how to submit the form. 

I have a disability. What services are available?

Assisted and curbside voting are still available. Call your county elections office to confirm the location. You can also request assistance in completing your ballot. 

Rejected Ballots

If a ballot was rejected, it's likely because the signature on the envelope didn't match the one on file. It could also be that the voter forgot to sign the envelope entirely. This could absolutely happen for folks that normally go to the polls. Chances are, the voter will need to submit a Ballot Rejection Notice along with a copy of their ID. With COVID-19, some EAs are being flexible about emailing documentation. It's worth having voters call their Elections Office so they can hear their options.

To resolve this issue and ensure your vote is counted, we recommend calling your county's Elections Office. You will likely need to submit a signed and completed version of this form, along with a copy of your ID. Your Elections Administrator will be able to confirm this and provide options on how to submit the necessary documentation.

Undeliverable Ballots

On undeliverable ballots, we'll want to get voters to update their addresses. Some EAs are willing to just make these adjustments over the phone. Others still want a voter reg form. The best best is to have folks call their EAs and hear their options. 

To resolve this issue and ensure you can vote in the Primary Election, please call your county's Elections Office. Your Elections Administrator will assist you in updating your information and accessing your ballot. With Election Day just around the corner, we encourage you to call as soon as you are able.