The 2021 Montana State Legislative session started this week. With a new administration that isn't aligned with our values on numerous issues, plentiful bills that attack the rights and liberties of Montanans, and the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, this legislative session will test us.

Together with our partners, we're ready to face these challenges head-on. Our list of priorities this session includes:
•    Reforming our harmful, unfair, and wealth-based criminal legal system.
•    Supporting Indigenous people and communities as they work to uphold their sovereignty, dignity, and autonomy.
•    Protecting the dignity and equality of LGBTQ Montanans, including trans and non-binary youth.
•    Protecting reproductive freedom in Montana.
•    Ensuring our communities are welcoming and safe for immigrants.
•    Protecting all Montanans' right to vote in a safe and accessible manner.

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We are grateful to our partners in this work and for you, Montanans who want to ensure civil rights and civil liberties for all!  This session will be a tough one. Your voice and your engagement make a difference! Thank you.