Here we go again. And again, and again. It's the same old tired refrain: "There's a War on Christmas!"

But it's becoming increasingly clear that other than those who feel our society is discriminating against Christians (read people who are out-of-touch with reality) Americans just aren't buying it. Outrage is being replaced with eye rolling.

Even those who have trumpeted this so-called "war," are losing their enthusiasm, says Jon Stewart in this Dec. 3 clip. We haven't even gotten any cards this year from people thinking we are out to get Christmas.

Anyone who looks at the facts can't claim that the ACLU is out to get religion or Christmas. Last year the ACLU's blog series "12 Days of Religious Liberty," illustrated a dozen of the many ways we defend freedom of religion every day.

And we always will.

Americans have a constitutional right to worship in their homes, churches and private lives as they see fit. And they also have a constitutional right to not have any religion thrust upon them by their government.

So, Christians, we wish you a Merry Christmas. To everyone else, we wish you joy as you celebrate your holidays now and throughout the year!