What a great day for those of us working to end Montana's death penalty. The Choteau Acantha editorialized this week for abolishing the death penalty.

The paper recognizes what we've long known -- there are many reasons the death penalty is wrong and isn't working and people from many perspectives along the political, religious and human rights perspective are reaching the same conclusion that the death penalty is broken beyond repair.

The Montana Abolition Coalition was formed with just that idea. Different people can take different roads to arrive at the same location.

Some oppose the death penalty as a human rights issue. Others oppose it as a Christian issue of life and redemption. Some abhor the fact that innocents have been executed or that victims' families are dragged through the courts for years waiting for resolution. And still others think the entire system wastes too much taxpayer money.

One thing is certain. There's room in the death penalty abolition movement for everyone, and we welcome all who want to join this work.