Voters in Custer County Tuesday overwhelmingly approved the construction of a new jail.

The ballot issue was part of the county's response to an ACLU determination in autumn 2012 that the existing 109-year-old jail was unfit for use due to unsanitary conditions, lack of sunlight and space for exercise, and safety concerns.

The conditions were unsafe and unconstitutional.

The county agreed, and has been transporting prisoners to Glasgow for almost a year now.

The new jail will cost $7.5 million and be able to house 28 prisoners.

Custer County Sheriff Tom Harbaugh told KULR-8 in Billings that, "I think we've squeezed every bit of usefulness out of it in the 109 years we've used it now. It's time for it to be replaced. It truly is."

We agree and are happy that Custer County voters do, too.