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  1. Governor Bullock Renews For-Profit Prison Contract with CoreCivic

    July 25, 2018Press releaseCriminal Legal Reform
  2. Montana Supreme Court Ruling is Huge Win for Public School Children

    December 12, 2018Press releaseFreedom of Religion
  3. Class-Action Lawsuit Seeks to Stop Lincoln County Sheriff from Unlawfully Jailing People at ICE’s Request

    November 1, 2018Press releaseImmigrants’ Rights
  4. ACLU of Montana Calls on Elected Officials to Take Action against Inhumane Federal Immigration Policies

    July 9, 2018Press releaseImmigrants’ Rights, Racial Justice
  5. Montanans Stand with Trans and Non-Binary Community, Reject Discrimination and I-183 Ballot Initiative

    June 30, 2018Press releaseLGBTQ Rights
  6. Judge Approves Settlement Requiring Major Improvements at Montana State Prison in Conditions for Prisoners with Disabilities

    June 22, 2018Press releaseCriminal Legal Reform, Jails and Prisons
  7. Montana Supreme Court Considers Constitutional Challenge to State Financial Support for Private Religious Education

    April 6, 2018Press releaseFreedom of Religion
  8. Court Bars Prosecution of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Who Seek to Provide Abortion Care

    April 9, 2018Press releaseReproductive Freedom
  9. Reproductive Rights Case Goes Before State District Court: Lawsuit Challenges Unconstitutional Restrictions on Abortion Care

    March 8, 2018Press releaseReproductive Freedom
  10. Center for Reproductive Rights, ACLU of Montana File Lawsuit Challenging Law that Prohibits Qualified Clinicians from Providing Abortions

    January 30, 2018Press releaseReproductive Freedom