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  1. Voting rights under attack

    November 5, 2012News updateVoting Rights
  2. Upholding the Voting Rights Act for Native Americans

    October 30, 2012News updateVoting Rights, Racial Justice
  3. Week 2 at the Capitol: Voting and women's rights take center stage

    January 18, 2013News updateReproductive Freedom, Voting Rights, Public Defense
  4. Wednesday, Jan. 16 at the Capitol: Voter ID would prevent many from voting

    January 15, 2013News updateVoting Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, Jails and Prisons
  5. Thursday, Jan. 24 at the Capitol: Voting Rights

    January 23, 2013News updateVoting Rights
  6. Friday, March 15 at the Legislature: Time to be rid of "deviate sexual conduct" statute

    March 14, 2013News updateLGBTQ Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, Voting Rights
  7. Happy 20th birthday to the National Voter Registration Act

    May 20, 2013News updateVoting Rights
  8. Judge's ruling good news for Native American voting rights

    March 28, 2014News updateRacial Justice, Voting Rights
  9. Let the people vote! (Updated)

    October 26, 2015News updateVoting Rights
  10. Don't suppress MSU students right to vote! ACT NOW

    October 19, 2015News updateVoting Rights


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