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  1. Many Horses v. Racicot

    April 21, 1993CaseJails and Prisons
  2. Baxter v. State of Montana

    December 31, 2009Case
  3. Disability Rights Montana v. Glueckert

    March 31, 2014CaseJails and Prisons
  4. Discrimination Against Native Students in Wolf Point District Schools

    June 28, 2017CaseIndigenous Justice
  5. Herrera v. Wyoming

    September 11, 2018CaseIndigenous Justice
  6. Brandy GoesAhead, Elsworth GoesAhead, Whitney Holds, and Emerine Whiteplume v. Reed Point School District

    May 30, 2017CaseIndigenous Justice, Racial Justice
  7. Sweetgrass Society v. Montana State University-Northern

    May 8, 2017CaseIndigenous Justice, Racial Justice
  8. Jackson, et al v. Wolf Point School District

    August 13, 2013CaseIndigenous Justice, Voting Rights, Racial Justice
  9. Wandering Medicine v. Montana Secretary of State

    December 4, 2012CaseVoting Rights, Indigenous Justice
  10. Knows His Gun v. Crossroads Correctional Center

    April 10, 2009CaseJails and Prisons, Indigenous Justice