President:                    Vacant

Vice President:             Sheila Bonnand, Bozeman

Treasurer:                   Heather Corson, Billings 

Secretary:                    Zeke Campfield, Missoula

National Board Rep:     Mary Hernandez, Billings

Law School Rep:         Alexander Dreussi, Missoula 

Affiliate Equity Officer:  Anna Whiting Sorrell, Evaro         

Board Members:           

Eldena Bear Don't Walk, Polson

Terry Bradley, Bozeman

Vickie Christie, Missoula

Bridget Kevane, Bozeman

Paul McKean, Billings

Paul Silverman, Missoula

Dustin Schneider, Billings     

Erick Valencia, Missoula                          

If you are committed to civil liberties and want to take an active role in the ACLU of Montana, consider applying to be on the board of directors. Information about what service on the board entails can be found in our board guidelines.