The Jeannette Rankin Civil Liberties Award acknowledges individuals and organizations who demonstrate the strength of character and commitment to principles exemplified by Jeannette Rankin-ACLU's first vice president in the 1920's-and embodied in ACLU's mission and vision. 

2024 Awardeesmembers of the Montana Legislature’s 2023 American Indian Caucus

2020 Awardees - Ivan and Ivy MacDonald

2019 Awardees - Ana Suda, Mimi Hernandez, Melissa Smylie

2018 Awardees - Judith Heilman, Carol Juneau, Denise Juneau

2017 Awardee - Shahid Haque-Hausrath

2016 Awardee - Scott Crichton

2014 Awardees - Lauglin McDonald and Wolf Point Plaintiffs Ronald Jackson, Ruth Jackson, Robert Manning, Patricia McGeshick, Lawrence Wetsit, Lanette M. Clark, and Bill Whitehead

2013 Awardees - Justice Jim Nelson and Jim Goetz

2012 Awardees - Planned Parenthood and Barrie Sue Sugarman

2011 Awardee - Ron Waterman

2010 Awardees - NCBI/Respect Club, Dave Strohmaier & Stacy Rye, and Missoula City Council

2009 Awardees - Marietta Jaeger Lane and Justice William Hunt

2008 Awardees - Rosemary Boschert, Tom Towe, and Elsie Fox

2007 Awardees - Jeff Renz and Clem Work

2006 Awardees - Ken Freemont-Smith, The Jeannette Rankin Peace Center, Charles Caughlan, Vern Klingman, and Marvin Granger

2003 Awardee - Joe McDowell

2002 Awardees - Carol Williams and Polly Holmes

2001 Awardees - Eve Malo, Clair Sinclair, The Montana Youth Leadership Forum, and June Hermanson

2000 Awardees - Dorothy Eck, Sue Bartlett, The Montana Freedom of Information Hotline, and John Kuglin

1999 Awardees - Linda Gryczan and Bob Campbell

1998 Awardee - Earl Old Person

1997 Awardees - Neil Haight and Gordon Bennett

1996 Awardees - Vivian Brooke and Clyde Jarvis

1995 Awardees - Steve Powell, Diane Benjamin, and Dr. Jim Armstrong

1994 Awardees - Pat Regan, Chet Blaylock, and Cathy Carlson

1993 Awardees - Janine Pease Pretty On Top and Pat Williams

1992 Awardees - Francis Bardanouve and The Montana Library Association

1991 Awardee - Honorable John C. "Skeff" Sheehy