ACLU of Montana –representing Montanans from across the State–filed a Complaint challenging a new law that seeks to erase 2S-LGBTQIA+ Montanans from dozens of sections of the Montana Code. The suit alleges that this new law violates multiple provisions of the Montana Constitution.  Along with the Complaint, the Plaintiffs also filed a motion for summary judgement asking a court to declare SB 458, which claims that all Montanans can and must be classified by “exactly two sexes, male and female,” as unconstitutional and therefore void. Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed SB 458–which was drafted in part by the conservative Montana Family Foundation–into law in March 2023.



ACLU MT: Alex Rate, Marthe Y. VanSickle. Holland & Hart LLP: Kyle A. Gray, Brianne C. McClafferty, Katy M. Brautigam, Bailey M. Nickoloff


Missoula County District Court



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