What are your rights to abortion in Montana? 

Under Roe v. Wade, the federal Constitution protected the fundamental right to make reproductive health decisions, including ending pregnancy, however now that Roe has been overturned it is up to the States to decide. In Montana, we have our own state constitutional protections that ensure abortion will remain legal. 

Where can I get an abortion? 

Patients seeking an abortion in Montana should contact one of the following health care providers to schedule appointments and learn about options for financial support (including stipends helping defray travel costs): 

What if I need financial assistance for an abortion, or would like to make a donation to support abortion access in Montana? 

(NOTE: The following is a general list of resources compiled from publicly available sources for public reference. Descriptions are from organizational webpages and social media pages. ACLU-MT does not have any special knowledge of, nor endorse, any organization listed below. If you are a part of an organization that would like to be listed here, please reach out to media@aclumontana.org.) 

Things to Know When Seeking Abortion Care 

Many patients want to understand what an abortion will feel like, what recovery will be like, and how much it will cost. Here are a few trusted sources that you can count on when researching abortion: 

What’s next for abortion access in Montana? 

Abortion remains legal in Montana, and we’re fighting to keep it that way. We are committed to protecting this right both in the courts and at the ballot box in order to  ensure that every person has the opportunity to make informed decisions about whether and when to have children and the ability to get the care they need. That’s why the ACLU of Montana is proud to be part of Montanans Securing Reproductive Rights (MSRR), a citizen-led initiative working to secure reproductive rights, including the right to an abortion, for Montanans in our state constitution.

In the 2024 election, a yes vote on CI-128 will keep the government out of our personal lives. This is an exciting opportunity to secure our rights for generations to come. Now is the time to ensure power remains in the hands of the people of Montana, so everyone has the freedom to prevent, continue, or end a pregnancy should they choose.

Politicians have no business controlling our bodies and our futures. We know that Montanans will show up for their right to control their own bodies, access the health care they need, and secure their right to abortion.

What can you do to fight for abortion in Montana? 

  1. Join Montanans Securing Reproductive Rights and vote YES on CI-128 in November. Montanans overwhelmingly want to keep government out of reproductive decisions. This year, you can vote to secure their reproductive rights for generations to come.
  2. Support Montana’s clinics and abortion funds. Even as we fight to maintain the right to an abortion in Montana, we encourage donations to abortion providers and to abortion funds that provide financial support to those needing care. 
  3. Take to the streets. Our partners at Planned Parenthood are posting events as they are organized at the “Bans Off Our Bodies” website. Make sure you are prepared by brushing up on your rights as a protester
  4. Stay informed. We will continue to post the latest developments and actions you can take on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter
  5. Vote like your rights depend on it. If abortion is going to be left to the political process, those of us who care about reproductive freedom have to get engaged. Don’t forget about local officials and district attorneys, who can pass ordinances and implement policies making abortion a low priority for enforcement. 

This isn’t over. We at ACLU-MT are committed to using the full force of the organization in this fight – and we hope you will join us. 

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