For the 2023 Legislative Session, ACLU-MT has seen an onslaught of anti-transgender rights, anti-reproductive justice, and anti-Indigenous rights legislation. All of these bills have one thing in common – they are trying to control our bodies: what they are, what they should be, and how it should function. ACLU of Montana remains committed to stopping these harmful bills and protecting the right to privacy and bodily autonomy. 

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2023 Montana Legislature 101

This year, we are tracking 14 individual issue areas in the Legislature. See below which issues members of our Advocacy & Policy Department are monitoring and how to contact them. 

  • Keegan Medrano, Director of Policy and Advocacy -  
    • Indigenous Justice, Voting Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Environmental Justice, Religious Freedom, Free Speech
  • Maggie Bornstein, Legislative Session Lobbyist - 
    • Criminal Legal Reform, Jail and Prison Conditions, Policing
  • Robin Turner, Contract Lobbyist 
    • Immigration, Reproductive Justice, Death Penalty, Aid in dying, Privacy
  • Sharen Kickingwoman, Organizing Associate Director -
    • Indigenous Justice, Indian Child Welfare Act (Montana)

Indigenous Justice

Indigenous Justice

HB18 - Establish missing persons response team training grant program. SUPPORT

  • The bill attempts to establish a grant program for DOJ-training of community-led missing persons response teams

HB163 - Revise and extend Missing Indigenous Persons Task Force. SUPPORT

SB119 - Provide tribal property tax exemption to tribal members. SUPPORT

  • This bill would provide tax exemption for Tribal Members within reservations during the fee to trust process.

SB120 - Establish the Chief Earl Old Person memorial highway. SUPPORT

  • The bill would memorialize a stretch of highway near Browning to Chief Earl Old Person.

SB141 - Create indigenous people's day. SUPPORT

  • This bill would create Indigenous Peoples’ Day and replace Columbus Day.

Jail and Prison Conditions

Jail and Prison Conditions
HB29 - Revise laws related to involuntary commitment of people with dementia or TBI. SUPPORT

SB68 - Revise laws related to coroner inquests for DOC facilities. OPPOSE

Criminal Legal Reform

Criminal Legal Reform
HB38 - Generally revise theft laws to enumerate theft of a light vehicle. OPPOSE

Voting & Democratic Institutions

Voting & Democratic Institutions
SB61 - Clarify definition of election officials. WATCHING

SB77 - Generally revise laws related to redistricting data for inmates. WATCHING

SB86 - Limiting the number of registered voters in each election precinct. WATCHING

SB93 - Generally revising ballot issues. READ

SB109 - Revise laws related to redistricting the PSC. WATCHING

SB117 - Prohibiting use of certain funds for conducting an election. READ

LGBTQ Rights

LGBTQ Rights
SB99 - Provide for a youth health protection act. OPPOSE


HB57 - Generally revise eluding a peace officer laws. OPPOSE

Children And Family Regulation Systems

Children and family regulation systems
HB16 - Revise laws relating to child abuse and neglect proceedings. WATCHING

HB111 - Revise laws related to assignment of counsel at public expense. WATCHING

SB114 - Eliminate anonymous reporting in child protective services cases. WATCHING

SB115 - Revise definition of psychological abuse or neglect in CPS cases. WATCHING

SB116 - Revise confidentiality provisions related to child protective services cases. WATCHING