After years of success in Montana, medical marijuana hit a serious snag in 2011.

Even as the numbers of medical marijuana patients registered with the state climbed and provider businesses flourished, medical marijuana was under attack by both state legislators and the federal government. On the same day legislators held a hearing on possible repeal, federal agents raided medical marijuana providers across the state.

The documentary "Code of the West" follows the events of 2011 and what they mean for the future of medical marijuana in Montana and across the country. The ACLU of Montana is hosting more than a dozen screenings of the movie in September and October in communities across the state, beginning with Hamilton on Wednesday, Sept. 5. Dates have also been set in Choteau, Havre and Conrad.

Today medical marijuana is at a serious crossroads. Montana voters will decide in November with Initiative Referendum 124 whether they approve of extreme restrictions placed on medical marijuana by the Legislature in 2011 or if they want to return to the earlier law. And a number of provider advocates are now in federal prison or facing federal prison sentences. And on Wednesday, one of those former providers, Richard Flor, died while being transported to a federal prison medical facility.

Please join us at one of our screenings (check back frequently as we add new dates), learn more about the issue, and discuss what should be done in Montana to enact common sense drug law reform.