By: Amy Cannata (Previous Communications Director)

If he only had a heart, former Vice President Dick Cheney might not be boasting in his new book, In My Time, about his part in our country's shameful post-9/11 torture practices.

As I watched his interview on NBC's Dateline, and saw him alternately discussing his failing heart and his pride in authorizing waterboarding, secret prisons and indefinite detention, I couldn't help wondering if the two were connected.

Of course, plenty of  people have physical heart problems that don't corrupt their morality.

Not only does Cheney openly discuss his support of torture, he seems to revel in it as if it's some badge of honor that he "gave it to those guys good." Frankly, it's sickening.

If it were just Cheney, it would be possible to let it go as the work of one man who doesn't care about the U.S. Constitution or common decency. Unfortunately, our government continues to fail to own up to its tragic mistakes and the consequences which continue today.

Even the Senate Armed Services Committee acknowledges in a report the damage done by the military's abuse of prisoners and how it hurt U.S. intelligence gathering and facilitated enemy recruitment. Still, nothing is done to hold those responsible to task.

For me, it goes beyond military strategy. America's part in torture has damaged the soul of our nation.

t's time for accountability. I'd like to see those responsible for torture held accountable in my time.