This blog entry by Liz Welch first ran on the ACLU of Montana's Fair is Fair Montana website.

Who supports domestic partnerships for loving, committed same-sex couples in Montana?

More than 100 Montana clergy do. A long list of Montana businesses do. And hundreds of thousands of Montana residents do, too - and some of them have sent in photos, bios, and statements attesting to their support for fairness.

Most Montanans support domestic partnerships. Our new Faces of Fairness page highlights a few of them - teachers, physicians, reporters, civic leaders, current and former elected officials and more - and, in their own words, explains why they support fairness.

The truth is, most of us support fairness. Not everyone is comfortable with domestic partnerships, but in Big Sky country we don't stand in the way of other people's security and happiness just because we don't always agree with them. We live and let live, and we know that domestic partnerships give gay and lesbian couples and their families the protections they need to live their own lives. When it comes to respecting and recognizing the relationships of loving, committed same-sex couples, the tide is turning toward fairness.

If you want to add your name to the ever-growing list of people who support fairness,  sign our statement of support - and if you have already signed, please forward this blog to your sister, your father, your grandmother, your uncle, your cousin, your mechanic, your grocer, your dentist... and anyone else you think might be one of the majority of Montanans for fairness.