It's finally here -- no-co-pay women's health services, including well-woman visits, gestational diabetes screening, contraception, breastfeeding support and more.

It all happened on August 1, when new rules in the Affordable Care Act went into effect. Prior to that some insurance companies did not cover these preventive services for women under their health plans, while some women had to pay deductibles or co-pays. Now these preventive services are required for most insurance plans.
In Montana, these changes benefit more than 140,000 women. Nationwide we're talking about 47 million women with health insurance who are now eligible for these no-co-pay services.
Still, that's less than half of the 98 million women in the United States. Find out if you are one of the women now eligible for these benefits.
This advance didn't happen without a fight. Many groups challenged the new rule in court, saying forcing coverage of birth control (like coverage of other prescription medications) violated their right to religious freedom.
So untrue. What this rule does is prevent discrimination based on gender.
Thankfully the courts understand this and have ruled against challengers.
Women deserve the coverage they need to make their own decisions based on her own beliefs and health needs.