Initial reactions to the news of the Montana Supreme Court's decision on our domestic partnership case were largely ones of disappointment. Allies and others watching the case saw it as a setback.

But our plaintiffs knew differently. They could see that the Court's opinion was one that leaves the door wide open for amending our complaint and winning on individual statutes. That's why they (and we here on staff) continue to remain positive about the case.

Today plaintiff Mary Anne Guggenheim (pictured above on right with her partner, Jan Donaldson), a retired doctor, likened progress on the case to progress in the medical field. Although people notice and remember the big leaps, they fail to see all the small steps it takes to make those leaps. It's the same with this case, she said.

Jan agreed. "They gave us a way forward that seems exciting and doable," she said. "There's no question we're in it for the long haul."

So are we, Jan.

It's definitely not over, and we look forward to keeping people updated on this case's progress in the coming months.