House Bill 370 has been officially introduced in the Montana House of Representatives. This bill is a bipartisan effort to replace the death penalty with life without parole. House Bill 370 is scheduled for hearing on Friday, February 13th at 8am in  the House Judiciary Committee. This means...


Your legislators need to hear from you. It only takes a little time to make a HUGE difference!
Do you have 2 minutes?
Email your legislators NOW, and ask for their support of HB 370.
Use this convenient online message form to email your legislators, and share why YOU support abolition. Tell your lawmakers that the death penalty is a system that is broken beyond repair, and it is time for capital punishment to go. Click here to send an email now.
Do you have 5 minutes?
CALL (406) 444-4800 and leave a message for the HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE.
Ask that the committee vote DO PASS ON HOUSE BILL 370. The Legislative Information Desk  is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00  p.m. weekdays and 8:00 a.m. to noon on Saturdays. Again, the number is (406) 444-4800 and you should ask the House Judiciary Committee to vote do pass on House Bill 370.
Do you have 10 minutes?
Write a letter to your legislator. Handwritten letters are absolutely the most persuasive way to communicate with your Representative.  Legislators tell us all the time that handwritten letters can make all the difference.
Write your legislator here:
Montana Senate
PO Box 200400
Helena, MT 59620-0400
Senator XXXX
MT House of Representatives
PO Box 200500
Helena, MT 59620-0500
Do you have 30 minutes? DO ALL OF THE ABOVE!
Help us pass House Bill 370!
Fill the Hearing Room!
Want to come to the hearing and show your support for House Bill 370?
Join us!
Friday, February 13th
Montana State Capitol  1301 E. 6th Avenue, Helena 1st floor, Room 137
Come hear some great testimony, and watch history in the making!