Macklemore, the Seattle-based hip-hop artist who wrote “Same Love,”  has had a meteoric rise to fame this year – the cover of Rolling Stone, a sold-out international tour, and tied Justin Timberlake in MTV video music awards nominations.  His Facebook has 3.2 million followers.  Now, he is adding ACLU supporter to his resume.

In this 50-second spot, Macklemore tells his fans why he has the card and urges them to get one, too:
I’m a rapper. I’ve got a lot of things to do during the day. So something like being beaten with a club, pepper sprayed and tased for expressing political views would really slow me down. That’s why I carry the ACLU card. It’s the only card that lets my gay friends marry the hell out of each other. The card that says, “Hey  girl. It’s your vagina. Do what you want with it.” The card that lets me call the President a dick on the Internet if I want to.  I don’t want to, but I could if I wanted to. So if you like being free, like me, then get the ACLU card, today.

This isn’t a one hit wonder for Macklemore and the ACLU.  Raising awareness of the battles for our civil liberties is important – especially to the generation that Macklemore reaches.   Join the ACLU through this unique opportunity and get updates from both Macklemore and the ACLU.

Here’s your opportunity to join Macklemore and protect your civil liberties.

And don’t forget to sign the statement of support for fairness for ALL!