If Mississippi can do it, we can do it here, too.

Mississippians yesterday defeated a personhood measure -- the same kind of initiative that anti-choice extremists in Montana are trying gather signatures for right now.

But as those in Mississippi and Colorado and North Dakota before them have said: Women's lives matter and we respect their choices.

Decline to sign the personhood initiative (CI-108), and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

The people behind personhood efforts across the country want to declare fertilized eggs "people" and to give those eggs constitutional rights with their personhood initiatives.

Backers of these initiatives say their goal is to prevent women's access to abortion, but their initiatives go farther than that. If these anti-woman activists get their way, every decision a pregnant woman makes from conception to birth could be subject to governmental review and approval. They want to take away a woman's ability to make decisions about medical care, diet, exercise or even birthing options.

In vitro fertilization and many forms of contraception would be banned. That's how dangerous the initiative CI-108 is for Montana women.

Supporters in Montana need to gather signatures from at least 10 percent of the voters in 40 legislative districts - or more than 48,000 total signatures. We've stopped them before. We can stop them again.

Together we can make sure anti-choice extremists fail in their latest attempt to get a personhood initiative on the ballot.