A just-released Gallup Poll shows that the percentage of Americans identifying themselves as "pro-choice" has fallen to the lowest level - 41 percent - since Gallup began asking the question in 1995.

But the answers to that question may be deceiving. When it comes down to whether they actually support a woman's right to choose a legal abortion, a majority - 52 percent - say abortion should be legal under certain circumstances. Another 25 percent say it should be legal under any circumstances.

In fact, compared to previous years, the percentage who support abortion under some or all circumstances has remained steady while the percentage who always oppose it has declined.

Despite 50 percent of the poll's respondents identifying as "pro-life," only 20 percent said they think abortion should always be illegal.

So what does it all mean? Why are fewer people identifying as "pro-life" even though support of legal abortion remains strong?

The answer may be found in the results of another question in the Gallup poll regarding views on the morality of abortion. Responses here have been steady over the years, with 51 percent in this latest poll saying they think it is morally wrong and 38 percent saying abortion is morally acceptable.

Does that explain the gap? Are more of those who find abortion personally immoral declaring themselves 'pro-life' even as they support a woman's legal to make her own choices regarding issues of health, well-being based upon what is right for her?

We support people's right to make their own private religious decisions, decisions about what to read or which movies to watch and their own medical decisions. Each woman faces a unique situation and only she can determine what is right for her and her family when it comes to abortion, contraception or any reproductive health issue.

When it comes down to it, Americans continue to stand up for a woman's right to make the reproductive health choices that are right for her. Just look at what has happened when those who want to take that freedom away try to advance their extremist agendas. Personhood initiatives -- their effort to give fertilized eggs rights that trump a woman's rights -- are failing across the country.

Here in Montana, such attempts have failed twice before, and we are determined to make sure this year's personhood initiative similarly fails to make the ballot.