There are a lot of hateful and hurtful anti-gay individuals and organizations that don't want to see fairness in Montana. The protest planned for this Monday in Bozeman is an example of how far they will go to spread their message of hate. You can take a stand for love and fairness by supporting our work on nondiscrimination ordinances and relationship recognition in Bozeman and across the state.

Right now we are part of an active campaign in Bozeman to pass an LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance to protect people from discrimination in employment, housing and when patronizing local businesses. Work on similar ordinances is beginning in Billings and Butte. No one should be discriminated against simply for being who they are.

Taking a peaceful, meaningful stand on fairness will matter more for our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender family, friends and neighbors than counter-protesting a handful of out-of-state picketers.
Support our work to win legal protections in Montana for loving, committed same-sex couples by:

  1.  Signing the statement of support
  2. Talking to friends and relatives about the importance of making sure loving, committed same-sex couples have the tools they need to care for one another
  3. Staying connected with us on Facebook and Twitter
  4. Volunteering and speaking out against hateful and hurtful messaging

Learn about all the ways you can get involved and take a stand in Montana on our Fair is Fair Montana website.
Let's put our energy behind ensuring passage of nondiscrimination ordinances and supporting same-sex couples' efforts to win legal recognition in Montana.