Less than two weeks into the session and they're at it already -- attacking the safety and well-being of Montana women.

At its 8 a.m. meeting today, the House Judiciary Committee will be hearing about House Bill 104 which seeks to "criminalize offenses involving death to an unborn child."

We fought hard against a look-alike bill last session. It is at best a misguided attempt to address violence against women. At worst, it's a sneaky way to control pregnant women and every decision they make about health care and their personal lives.

Once again, this bill inserts politically charged language into our criminal code, fails to adequately protect women and providers from prosecution, and leaves women vulnerable to intrusive investigations as part of criminal prosecutions. Any woman who has a miscarriage could be subject to such an investigation.

This bill has been introduced in previous sessions and has repeatedly failed to pass the legislature or has been vetoed.

House Judiciary Committee 8 a.m. Room 137

  • HB 16 Revise involuntary commitment and emergency detention laws
  • HB 17 Revise or eliminate certain DOJ advisory councils and reports
  • HB 104 Criminalize offenses involving death to an unborn child
  • HB 107 Revise laws related to legal counsel representation in abuse and neglect cases
  • HB 137 Clarify application of parole eligibility for juvenile offenders

Hearings and floor sessions can be accessed online.