Tomorrow is the last day, Montana voters can register to vote at the polls. But thanks to the efforts of voting rights supporters, and to Gov. Brian Schweitzer's veto you can still register to vote and vote at your county elections office up and through Election Day.

During the 2011 Montana Legislative Session, lawmakers passed a bill that would have taken away your right to same-day voter registration. The ACLU of Montana opposed that bill, and we were extremely grateful when Gov. Schweitzer vetoed it.

It's hard to understand why lawmakers would want to make it harder for people to vote. Why?

But across the country, voter suppression efforts are taking away people's right to vote by requiring excessive ID requirements at the polls, making it harder to register, or even removing legitimate voters' from voter rolls. The ACLU and its affiliates in the states are working hard to stop these efforts.

We value your right to vote. We hope you value it, too.