Yes, we wish the Montana Supreme Court had granted same-sex couples full protection in our domestic partnership case, but we aren't discouraged. We're ready to move forward with our work for equality, and we're prepared to win.

The justices were clear that their ruling to send the case back to the trial court was based on technical issues – not principle. A majority support our couples' right to fair treatment under Montana's constitution. They said that while they cannot offer an overarching ruling addressing every statute referring to marriage rights, there is still a legal solution for same-sex couples if we address these statutes individually.

And we're going to do just that. We will soon be moving forward with this litigation seeking fairness and dignity for all families and we urge our partners and supporters to keep the faith.

Beyond the courts, the tide is turning away from laws that codify discrimination and toward policies that are fair for all people, including same-sex couples.

People across Montana are signing on in support of domestic partnerships for gay and lesbian couples. Elected officials from the mayor's office in Bozeman, MT, to the White House publicly support equality. In Montana alone, more than 100 businesses have pledged their support for domestic partnerships for same-sex couples, and more are signing on every day.

They understand that fairness for same-sex couples is essential for fairness for us all.

You can be part of this growing wave of support. Here are three things you can do today to support fairness:

We will keep fighting and we will win – in the courts and the legislatures across the country – to protect our most fundamental rights.