We all know the story.

Sickened as a baby, Helen Keller was blind and deaf. She lived a life of isolation until her teacher Annie Sullivan was able to teach her to communicate with hand signs. But then what?

Then comes all the work that Keller did for others.

Born on June 27, 1880, Keller was part of a progressive movement in the early 1900s that fought for the rights of workers, African-Americans and women. She supported women's suffrage, access to birth control and unions. And, in 1920, Keller helped found the American Civil Liberties Union.

Yes, Helen Keller is one of the ACLU's founding mothers.

She understood that to have our rights, we must fight for them.

Said Keller: "When one comes to think of it, there are no such things as divine, immutable, or inalienable rights.

Rights are things we get when we are strong enough to make good our claim on them."

Happy birthday, Helen Keller.