It's an argument we hear all the time: Why should I worry about the government spying on me? I've done nothing wrong.

Think again. Jay Stanley, senior policy analyst for the ACLU's Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, yesterday laid out all the reasons you should still worry about government spying in a great blog entry on the ACLU's national digital privacy blog -- Free Future. (Add it to your bookmarks today -- lots of great information on this important topic.)

I urge you to read the full entry, but in a nutshell, Jay explains:

  • You may not have done anything illegal, but you still may not want the government revealing your private business.
  • The government may make a mistake.
  • You may think you have nothing to hide, but maybe you have done something illegal without even realizing it.
  • You may be discriminated against because of information discovered about you.
  • Privacy has a value in and of itself.

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