The ACLU of MT, along with ACLU’s National LGBT & HIV Project, Lamdba Legal, and Perkins Coie LLP, are proud to represent multiple families and healthcare providers in a challenge to SB 99, a law that categorically bans life-saving gender affirming care for transgender youth.  The Plaintiffs allege that SB 99 violates the state constitutional right to equal protection, dignity, and the due process right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children, amongst others rights.


The recent decision by the Montana legislature to ban gender-affirming care for trans youth is a regressive and harmful step that leaves families across the state in fear that they will be left without options to access lifesaving care. This wide sweeping bill punishes health care professionals and prevents communities and families from accessing treatment options for minors suffering from gender dysphoria.


We filed suit challenging SB 99 in May 2023 on behalf of two families with trans kids and two health care providers. On September 27, a State District Court enjoined SB 99, preserving access to gender affirming care pending a final ruling on the merits of the case.  That ruling has been appealed to the Montana Supreme Court.


ACLU’s National LGBT & HIV Project: Elizabeth O. Gill and Malita Picasso. Lamdba Legal: Peter C. Renn and Kell Olson. ACLU of MT: Alex Rate, Marthe VanSickle, and Akilah Deernose. Perkins Coie LLP: Matthew P. Gordon

Date filed

May 9, 2023


Montana Fourth Judicial District Court, County of Missoula


Jason Marks



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