The days leading up to the tenth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks have largely focused on those who died, the heroes who worked so hard to rescue them and the troops who have been fighting the war on terror ever since.

It's been a bloody and draining decade for us all. But we can't let fear control us for the next decade. And we can't let fear destroy the civil liberties that make our nation the wonderful place it is.

Montana has resisted some attempts to rein in our freedoms, but there is much more we must do as a nation, as explained in our guest editorial today in the Montana Standard and Missoulian. The ACLU of Montana and the ACLU nationwide are committed to maintining all our civil liberties.

The ACLU has a roadmap to reclaiming our liberties. Everyone should read it, and take it to heart.

The era of racial profiling, warrantless surveillance, torture and indefinite detention must end.

Keep America safe and free.