Once again some members of Montana's Legislature are trying to fix Montana's nonexistent immigration problem. They want to make it illegal for employers to hire immigrants who don't have the proper documentation and force those employers to use the flawed E-Verify program.

HB 297 is the worst kind of bill. It creates more problems in an attempt to solve a problem that doesn't even exist in Montana. In reality what will happen is the employers will be forced to spend more money on a system that doesn't work and which will delay hiring and at times even prevent American citizens from gaining timely employment.

We oppose this bill and any anti-immigrant legislation that promotes racial profiling.

Here's what we have on tap for the day:
House Human Services Committee 3 p.m., Room 152

  • HB 340 Eliminate board of medical examiners' medical marijuana review requirements - Support
  • HB 342 Remove limitations on number of patients medical marijuana care givers can serve - Support
  • HB 343 Eliminate medical marijuana recordkeeping and unannounced inspection provisions - Support
  • HB 341 Allow medical marijuana care givers to receive compensation - Support

House Business and Labor Committee 8 a.m., Room 172

  • HB 297 Provide that employment of an unauthorized alien is unlawful - Oppose

House State Administration Committee 8 a.m., Room 155

HB 397 Revise filing deadline for independent and minor party candidates - Support

Hearings and floor sessions can be accessed online.