So much for love and peace to all mankind.

The war on those who are waging the so-called "War on Christmas" continues in some quarters. In that fictional battle, the ACLU is cast as General Scrooge.

While I appreciate all the Christmas cards we are sent each year in misguided protest, it's time to get real. The misrepresentations of the ACLU's work are a tradition, like fruitcake, that I could do without.

There is no war on Christmas. There is no war on Christians. There is no war on religion.

There is the First Amendment. There is the Establishment Clause. They protect all of us from government-imposed religion.

The truth is that many who scream about a "War on Christmas" are waging a war on non-Christians.

Take the case of  J.A. Anderson in South Carolina. When he didn't want to attend a Christianity-promoting assembly at his public school, he was told that he would have to stay in the in-school suspension room. Teachers and administrators have forced him to copy essays saying he believes in God.

Says J.A.'s dad, Jonathan, "As non-believers, it makes us feel like second-class citizens in this school because we are not Christian. We are not anti-Christian by any means. We are not anti-religion. We, like the founders of our country, believe in the First Amendment, the Bill of Rights, and the Establishment Clause. We value our right under the Constitution to hold whatever religious beliefs we want, or none at all, without interference from the government."

We couldn't agree more. The ACLU is helping J.A. and his father sue the school district.