Four Native American parents travelled 90 miles from Pryor to see their children play basketball in Reed Point. When they arrived, people were entering the gymnasium. However, when the Pryor Four approached the door, Reed Point staff informed the parents that only white fans were allowed entry until additional staff arrived. In response, the ACLU of Montana filed a Human Rights Bureau race discrimination complaint against the Reed Point School District, Superintendent Mike Ehinger, and Co-Athletic Director Teresa Bare, which resulted in a trial in District Court. Unfortunately, the District Court found that our clients were unable to produce “a preponderance of evidence to prove their case” in addition to citing irreconcilable testimony in favor of the Defendants. Despite the ruling, the case brought attention to racism and discrimination against the Indigenous people of our state, and helped our clients speak out against systemic racism against Indigenous individuals.


Alex Rate & Jamie Iguchi

Date filed

February 23, 2019


Stillwater County District Court



Case number

DV 2018-19