When he was 17 years old, Steven Keefe was sentenced to life without parole for a homicide that he committed as a juvenile. Since his original sentence, the United States Supreme Court has held that sentencing a juvenile to life without parole is unconstitutional unless the particular characteristics of youth are considered by the sentencing judge.

We filed a petition for habeas corpus relief on behalf of Steven Keefe, asking that the court reconsider his sentence.  In April 2019, a District Court reviewed Mr. Keefe's sentence and Judge Greg Pinski re-sentenced Mr. Keefe for the crime. Our lawsuit asks that, after over 30 years in prison, Mr. Keefe is given the opportunity to go in front of the parole board.


John Mills, Alex Rate, Elizabeth Ehret

Date filed

December 1, 2016


Montana 8th Judicial District Court



Case number

DV 17-76