The ACLU of Montana vehemently denounces CoreCivic’s $30 million inducement to the Bullock administration in exchange for renewing the contract of Montana’s only private prison for the next ten years. CoreCivic, formerly known as Corrections Corporation of America and best known for violating the rights and dignity of prisoners across the country, is blatantly seeking to take advantage of a state government in a budget crisis.

“The state and Montanans are reeling from the pending impacts of unprecedented budget cuts; now is not the time to re-invest in CoreCivic and cut a deal with the for-profit prison industry for short-term gain,” said Caitlin Borgmann, ACLU of Montana Executive Director. “It is the Bullock administration’s and state lawmakers’ responsibility to raise revenue and focus on the actual needs of Montanans, such as healthcare, public education, and reforming our corrections system.” 

“Shelby prison should be turned over to state control or shut down completely. This offer from CoreCivic illustrates perfectly that the private prison industry only serves to warehouse human beings and look after its own profit margins. We hope the governor and lawmakers reject this offer and get down to the business of raising revenue to fund essential programs and services.”

CONTACT: ACLU of Montana,, (406) 203-3374